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Image by Danny Choo
Guests at the launch were Masayoshi Son (boss of Softbank) and Nobi Hayashi (Digital Advisor). Nobi is managing the team that’s developing the Itamado app for the iPhone.

The Itamado app (which Masayoshi-san is showing us here) is for customized orders and uses the camera to measure the size of your window. The app then sends those measurements to our Itamado Mirai Gaia server – your sheet is then printed on demand and shipped out within 30 mins by EMS.

The app should go live in the iTunes store soon and will be a free download. App should work with the iPad 2 but we wont know for sure until we get our hands on one.

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Cool Toys Pic of the day – The Death of Internet Explorer 6 #ripIE #umsocial
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Image by rosefirerising
Today, the University of Michigan Trends and Technology Team went out
on the Diag in front of the Hatcher Graduate Library and bashed to
pieces a piƱata decorated with the logo for Internet Explorer 6 (also
known as IE6). We didn’t just bash it. We busted the box, poked holes
in it, stomped on it, danced on it, and karate kicked it. Pretty much
in that order. ;) Yes, there will be video. In the meantime, here are
a few pictures.

Flickr: RIP IE:

People have been predicting the death of IE6 for a long time. Mashable
did a piece on this 3 years ago, in 2009.

Mashable: RIP Internet Explorer:

I have a nice little chronological collection of screenshots showing,
shall we say, opposition to the infamous browser? But I don’t have
time to get to all of that tonight.

Last month, usage of IE FINALLY dropped below 1% of total users in the US.

Mashable: Internet Explorer 6 Usage Drops Below 1% in the U.S.,
Finally [VIDEO] (January 3, 2012):…

I think my dad (who used to be a hacker) is one of the holdouts. Don’t
blame him. His computer is ancient, and he’s still working with a 9600
baud modem. Yes, *baud*. Look it up if you’re not old enough to
remember what it means. Don’t blame me, I’m working on it. We gave him
an iPad 2 for his birthday. I don’t have one myself, so that says how
serious I am.

If you are still using IE6, or worse, if your IT department has it on
any machine ANYWHERE, please stop. There’s more than one reason why we
had a party to put it in the trash.

Requiescet in pace, IE6.