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Chihuly in Space
ipad tutorial

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – Chihuly in Space
I know you guys don’t get tired of the Chihuly pieces, and neither do I! In fact, I like this one so much that I use it as my desktop wallpaper.

Just as much thought goes into lighting these as it does the creation. I always wonder if he has the "lighting scenario" in mind when forming the piece and its colors. Or maybe, it’s just so awesome and naturally formed that it looks good under any kind of light. Heck, it would probably even look good in a 7-11 at 1 AM when all the pasty-lonely people stumble in for a Big Gulp and a Snickers. I can say this because I am often one of those people.

By the way, you all are free to use my images as desktop wallpaper, for fun, on your blogs, etc. That is the beauty of the Creative Commons license. If you are going to use them for any commercial purposes whatsoever, contact licensing at — the team there will take care of you.
Charging the iPad Problems
Having trouble charging your iPad? I’ve updated my HyperMac Review a bit with information on how I am using it to keep things charged on the road. My Macbook Pro just ain’t cuttin’ it!

I also have much greater luck when plugging it directly into the wall with the plug that was included. In just a few hours, the iPad is full. The USB connection to my new MacBook Pro just charges it way too slow! I think we have all gotten used to how fast the iPhone charges… and the iPad is just a different beast. I will keep testing the this battery thing and let you know how many charges it can supply… I’ll update the HyperMac review here when I figure it out. Anyway, there are two options for your charging the iPad problems – hope they help!
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ipad tutorial

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – ilili
I was here alone. You can see my laptop there on the table… I like to take a long time to eat while editing photos and listening to music with my earphones on. Every other patron looks at me kind of like a freak. That’s quite okay!

Luckily, while I was waiting for the food, they let me run around the restaurant with my tripod. This is yet another thing that makes people look at me strangely. They can’t imagine why anyone would bring such a monster setup to do such a thing. Most people assume that the restaurant pays me to do it, but the staff knows that is not the case. At one point, the manager came over to talk to me — not to get mad… just to chat about art and food and life and these sorts of things. And then I ate some amazing food! I had some sort of Lebanese marinated lamb on saffron rice. I need more saffron in my life…

The Greatness of Yelp
Yelp has really changed the way I go about finding places to eat! I was in the middle of New York and had a craving for some Mediterranean food. A quick trip to Yelp helped me find this place, get ratings and reviews, and then figure out how to get here. It could not have been easier, or a better recommendation!

I also recommend getting the iPhone/Android/iPad version of Yelp… it can come in handy when trying to find some new haunts!

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ipad tutorial

Image by Stuck in Customs
I wanted to share this photo I just took of a massive storm sweeping over the complex on the evening before the launch. I was supposed to be going over to the actual launch pad as night was falling to get a shot, but this storm started to roll in, upsetting those plans. The big structure you see on the other side of the flag is the Vehicle Assembly Building, and that blue structure you see to the left is the famous countdown-clock you always see in front of the press area before the launch. Right as I was taking this, an official lady from NASA ran into the field warning me that this was now a "Level 2 lightning alert!" I happen to be standing by another NASA Tweetup invitee, Lavar Burton. He asked, "Is that like a Level 3 diagnostic?" Greatness. He was a really cool guy, btw… I put up a photo of us together over on my Facebook Page.

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